Evaluation and testing

Boards often struggle with executing effective CEO evaluations. ASTRAL experienced consultants can help.

Boards and CEOs share a responsibility to ensure that they create mechanisms for open and meaningful feedback. 

Implementing a well-structured CEO evaluation is key to effective board governance and organizational health. 

Yet many boards aren't sure how to structure a CEO evaluation or how to use the process as an opportunity to enhance the board's effectiveness in working with the CEO.

A thoughtful CEO evaluation can lay down a foundation to:

  • Identify capability, potential, and "fit for purpose".
  • Optimize contribution, impact and personal growth in complex, challenging contexts.
  • Support the CEO and the board in achieving sustainable results.
  • Help foster a culture of candid dialogue across the senior team and organization.
  • Reduce the risk of CEO failure or unplanned turnover

Our CEO evaluation and assessment approach

Our approach and CEO evaluation tools are designed for complete customization. We typically work with the board and the CEO to:

  • Identify the leadership competencies for CEO evaluation
  • Determine annual objectives and metrics of success for the CEO
  • Identify board and other respondents for a CEO 360 process
  • Deliver a simple and clear, metrics-based evaluation

We are the trusted advisor to boards and CEOs in their quest to increase leadership agility and build organizations that can sustain high levels of performance.

The top-level selection process is complex. Fortunately, we are here to help you fill the most important roles in the company with highly advanced candidates who fit perfectly into the company's team and understand the specifics of the industry.