Board and Council selection

Take your business to unprecedented heights with leaders who are pioneers, visionaries and change agents in their industry.

Chairs and boards play a critical role in the strategic oversight, culture and purpose of organizations.

A cohesive board of talented, diverse and experienced directors is perhaps the greatest asset a chief executive and management team can have at their disposal to seize business opportunities and effectively manage risk. This is particularly true at a time of rapid business change, digital disruption, evolving business models and societal expectations.

Non-executive directors (NEDs) - also known as supervisory or independent outside directors - and chairs are a proven way of helping businesses of all sizes and ownership structures to gain access to valuable talent whose experience can add constructive insights.

ASTRAL executive search can help you find the right chair or NED, working in partnership to:

  • Identify the skills gaps, opportunities and risks within your business 
  • Understand your board and leadership team to find someone who will offer a diversity of thought and perspectives
  • Build an ideal chair or NED candidate profile 
  • Identify and attract a range of talented candidates from a global pool 

The ideal chair or NED should have complementary skills and experience that will add value to your business on board matters including:

  • Governance and risk management
  • Strategy, operations and people
  • Leadership succession
  • Cross-sector and cross-border insights
  • Sustainability, technology and purpose
  • Accessing a wider network of useful contacts

The top-level selection process is complex. Fortunately, we are here to help you fill the most important roles in the company with highly advanced candidates.

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