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ASTRAL are experts in attracting innovative leaders who are able to make significant modifications in the company and help them become outstanding.

The success of an organization is increasingly defined by the CEO.

The global economy is becoming more complex. Organizations must battle against tightening regulation, growing competition, complex back office systems, and the uncertainty of new markets and new technologies. But on top of this, organizations are increasingly connected to each other, their customers, and the environment. 

To grow in this environment, organizations require Chief Executive Officers with more than just a stellar résumé. 

Today's CEO requires the technical skills and strategic foresight to marry together the technological, regulatory, and economic opportunities. These skills must be combined with the ability to engage and inspire stakeholders at all levels across the business: from board members and a culturally diverse workforce to consumers and the media. 

You can find out more about evaluation and testing of executives here!

We are looking for leaders who will change the rules of the game, modernize companies and are needed to promote the development of the country's economy.

Our candidates are

New product developers

Our candidates not only manage finance and management, but also develop products that will change the future.

Creators of new solutions

If a company is lost, our candidates are ready to make every effort to stabilize its trajectory in orbit or give it a whole new direction and power.

Conquerors of new markets

If companies are rockets, then our candidates are the engines ready to drive and grow their business around the world.

Executive Search is responsible. That's why we do it with the utmost care to get your business leaders who will allow you to take the speed of light towards success.

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