Headhunting services

ASTRAL finds business stars who through their gravity influence everyone else, modernize processes and promote the company's development.

If you have defined a specific list of competing companies and are looking for an individual with a certain set of skills, then usually headhunting is the best methodology.

After meeting with you and fully understanding your needs, we will research your competitors and other companies in similar industries to address the ideal candidate.

You will be regularly informed and feel like a process controller, because ASTRAL always provide customers with a transparent, confidential and discreet service.

ASTRAL candidates are...

New product developers 

Our candidates not only manage finance and management, but also develop products that will change the future.

Builders of new solutions 

If a company is lost, our candidates are ready to make every effort to stabilize its trajectory in orbit or give it a whole new direction and power.

Conquerors of new markets

If companies are rockets, then our candidates are the engines ready to drive and grow their business around the world. 

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Executive Search is complex process. Fortunately, ASTRAL is here to help you fill the most important roles in the company with highly advanced candidates who perfectly fit into the company's team and understand the specifics of the industry.