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The executive search process is complex. Fortunately, ASTRAL professional consultants are here to help.

Iluta Gaile 

CEO / Member of the Board / Senior Consultant

Iluta's pursuit of the stars is no stranger -  carrying the name of Latvia in the four Olympic games in the luge sport, obtaining degrees in pedagogy and entrepreneurship and going into the specifics and behind the scenes of various industries more than 20 years. 

During this time, Iluta has managed companies in various fields, worked as a deputy of the Riga City Council, led and motivated employee teams in Latvia, Estonia and Belarus, thus developing skills in personnel policy development, selection of management positions and structural units, as well as in-depth evaluation of candidates.

It is these aspects that allow Iluta to manage a recruitment company for more than 10 years, to navigate the executive selection galaxy analytically and intuitively in order to attract the brightest stars to your company.

E-mail: iluta.gaile@astralexecutive.com. 

Phone: + 371 26177655

Krista Kristiāna Ziediņa

Consultant / Member of the Board

Krista never stops. Like Galileo Galilei, she is ready to explore vast horizons to discover real lights. Whether it's conducting and analyzing interviews, developing candidate search strategies, preparing documents, researching the labor market - everywhere Krista works with the diligence, enthusiasm and perseverance of a real researcher.

With a degree in social sciences and business management, combining a desire to find out and find the best, Krista has attracted and valued many outstanding leaders in finance, construction, services, administration, IT and other fields.

E-mail: krista.ziedina@astralexecutive.com

Phone: . +371 26681185

Sandra Liepa

Senior Consultant

Sandra is HR expert who has contributed to a wide range of industries, from education to manufacturing. At the same time, Sandra has given lectures to managers on performance and change management, motivation, personal growth and other topics related to personnel selection.

This scientific approach to executive search and education in molecular biology, Gestalt psychology and business allows Sandra to both see the most valuable stars and help them shine in order keep your company always at the zenith. 

E-pasts: sandra.liepa@astralexecutive.com

Tatjana Kuzmina

Associate Partner | Consultant

Tatjana has been working in the HR field for more than 16 years and has held personnel management positions in various international and local companies, including G4S Latvia, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvia, NP Foods, Laima. Tatjana holds a Master's degree in Philology from the University of Latvia and has acquired business, personnel management and development competencies at the Riga Business School, IMD Business School in the Great Britain and the Institute of Adizes.

Tatjana has extensive experience in personnel selection, development and evaluation, as well as she is good at finding a constellation for each employee and "light up" the new, talented stars. Tatjana believes that no matter what the company does, attracting and retaining the right employees always is and will be the most important challenge for the company.

E-pasts: tatjana.kuzmina@astralexecutive.com

Lāsma Lapiņa

Senior Evaluation Consultant

Degrees in social sciences and psychology, fruitful work with athletes in the private practice of psychological counseling, giving lectures to sports coaches and leading the Latvian Association of Sports Psychology are the foundations of Lasma.

This, together with the talent given by nature to observe psychological portraits of people and see regularities, makes Lasma completely indispensable in the ASTRAL team. Especially when you have to evaluate and unleash the potential of a business star.

E-pasts: lasma.lapina@astralexecutive.com

Vilija Vitke

Senior Consultant | Partner

Vilija has more than 14 years of experience in evaluating, selecting and acquiring most talented professionals and management. Her knowledge helps to evaluate not only their motivation, but also strengths and risks.

The expert carries HR consultations for companies, follows the trends in talent market, evaluates expectations and gives recommendations for companies and employees.

Vilija's most important value is partnership, therefore she always strives for the best match for both sides in satisfaction and value.


  • Member of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania;
  • Certified couching specialist;
  • Member of NLP Applied Psychology club.

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The executive search process is complex. Fortunately, we are here to help you fill the most important roles in the company with highly advanced candidates who fit perfectly into the company's team and understand the specifics of the industry.