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Great professionals and great leaders are like comets - you need to be able to spot and direct them to your company. Otherwise, they will fly away. ASTRAL unique approach to executive search allows this process to run smoothly.

Executive Search

Today's leaders must have strategic foresight, focused on personal and company's development. Such managers are at the disposal of ASTRAL.

Career coaching and consultations

The rapidly changing work environment requires continuous improvement and development. ASTRAL offers professional career coaching and gives advice to managers for successful their growth.

Personal brand development 

A personal brand is a story about a person's experience, personality, behavior, attitude and appearance. The ASTRAL professional team will help you to build your professional personal brand.

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The executive search process is complex. Fortunately, we are here to help you fill the most important roles in the company with highly advanced candidates who fit perfectly into the company's team and understand the specifics of the industry.