Experience and knowledge are like a knife – they must be sharpened and put to use.

You may have come across a situation when you start to think and ask yourself questions such as ““Am I working in the right place and in the right position?”, “How could I earn a career promotion?”, “How to find my dream job?”, “Maybe I should terminate the employment relationship and start my own business?”. If any of these questions are familiar, but the answer has not yet been found, then career coaching is the way to get answers and achieve your goals! Career coaching helps you understand your current or future work situation, the stage you are in and where you want to go next. In general, coaching is progress towards the goal in a quicker and much more effective way, because thanks to the support of a professional coach, you will be able to formulate your goals, develop different strategies for achieving goals and successfully implement them. Our professional and certified coaches are ready to help everyone move forward! We will help you evaluate your career from a different point of view, realize your values, get rid of internal barriers, promoting faster achievement of goals!

We have great experience with:

  • Coaching for both managers and experts;
  • Career development and personal development;
  • Identification of skills and abilities;
  • Providing career counselling.

We offer career coaching both individually and for a group of employees of an organization, when conducting professional qualification research. If you wish to talk with us, enjoy some delicious coffee and receive all the information you need, feel free to contact us!

If you are a business star and aspire to realize your talent, experience and passion more powerfully, ASTRAL will help you shine in the right constellation.