If you are a business star and aspire to realize your talent, experience and passion more powerfully, ASTRAL will help you shine in the right constellation.

Choosing or changing a career is a responsible and important decision in anyone’s life, given today’s many options and choices. To get support, a better understanding of which direction to go and what things to consider when looking for a job or building your career, it is essential to listen to the opinion of experts. We offer career advice provided by our professional consultants with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We are ready to help and provide support in solving career development, career change, study choice and other related issues! Career counselling also provides invaluable support and contribution in identifying one’s talents, skills and ambitions, thus determining the most appropriate profession or industry in which it might be interesting to work. Career counselling is carried out based on a set of analysis of one’s work experience, strengths and weaknesses, modelling it with the labour market, desired salary level, personal interests, geographical aspects and other binding factors.

We have great experience with:

  • Career development and personal development;
  • Autobiographical analysis of work experience and education;
  • Creating a job search strategy;
  • Identification of skills and abilities;
  • Development, analysis, correction and recommendation of CVs and application letters;
  • Analysis of profiles on LinkedIn.com and other social networks, corrections and recommendations;
  • Conducting interviews, which gives you the opportunity to give advice on how to best present yourself during the interview.

We offer career counselling both individually and for a group of employees of an organization, when conducting professional qualification research. If you wish to talk with us, enjoy some delicious coffee and receive all the information you need, feel free to contact us!

Our experienced consultants have significant experience in the recruitment and assessment of managers, which provides excellent understanding and knowledge of today's latest trends in the labour market!