ASTRAL Executive Search is a global executive search company.

ASTRAL consultants have more than 20 years of professional work experience in this industry and our team is made up of industry professionals who combine passion and deep experience – from business and finance, to psychology, pedagogy, biology and marketing. The candidates we offer are unique, hard to find and strong. Therefore, in whatever direction you are looking for your business star, we will offer you a manager who knows the relevant field best and will definitely achieve what you are aiming for.

We are looking for leaders who will change the rules of the game, modernize companies and are needed to promote the development of the national economy.

Just like stars in a galaxy, they are powerful and often difficult to reach. Candidates come from different industries and markets, so attracting them requires a lot of experience and skills.

ASTRAL Executive Search is able to provide a high standard of service and quality in all assigned management recruitment and assessment projects. We will help create long-lasting and valuable work relations for you and your chosen employee. Our strategic goal is to be a reliable, long-term cooperation partner. The executive recruitment process is complex. Fortunately, we are here to help fill the most important roles in the company with highly advanced candidates who fit perfectly into the company team and understand the specifics of the industry.

Our values

EXPERTISE – like the major players in the market, we are seasoned experts and know our field. DETERMINATION – we don’t stop at a job done, we need a satisfied customer. FRIENDLINESS – we always communicate in an open and responsive manner so that our customers will be happy to do business again. CURIOUSNESS – every industry is specific, so we know it to the bone. RELIABILITY – information remains exclusively with us, without compromising the image of customers.


for more than 20 years, ASTRAL consultants have been finding business stars


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