ASTRAL offers an innovative tool for management team assessment

When making the decision to hire an employee, it is very important to understand the compatibility of the potential employee with the current team.

Identifying team values is an essential first step to better, more efficient and successful teams because an employee who has similar values with the rest of the team will be with the company 4 times longer than those who do not share similar values. To assess this, we use an innovative, data- and research-based assessment tool WISNIO, created by scientists, which determines how candidates with their competencies and values could complement the current team, as well as what the overall view of the team is.

With the help of the tool, we are able to determine each individual's values, main motivators and main de-motivators, which provide information about how the team will be able to cooperate, what motivates the team and what does not.

Taking such a test is an excellent route in personnel selection, onboarding processes, regular assessments and also in situational awareness. In addition, with the help of the test, the manager will be able to understand perfectly how best to motivate the specific employee.

WISNIO combines big data analytics and scientific testing to:

  • Analyse the current team.
  • Point out the weaknesses in the team.
  • Help select the candidate who best complements the team.

You can conduct a team assessment as part of a recruitment project or use it as a standalone service to assess the values, motivators and competencies of your current team.

The service includes the following:

  • A report of the results of each candidate or employee.
  • Consultation on overall results.
  • Consultant support to team members in the execution of the assessment tool.

Managers recognize that the biggest challenge when starting a new position is understanding the company's culture and team.


Managers admit that the most common reason for failure or insufficient performance in the first year is incompatibility with the team or organization.