With increasing attention to environmental and sustainability challenges around the world, competition for talents in this industry has increased rapidly.

Mitigation of climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. People, on the other hand, are the main resource to reduce this impact and achieve change.

We cooperate with our clients by providing high-quality advice and consulting on personnel strategy and selecting and assessing the most suitable candidates for management positions to promote the long-term development of companies. We understand that professionals in the environmental management industry must be able to adapt and respond to constantly changing regulations, legislation, processes and technologies, as well as provide creative approaches to problem solving and be able to learn and use the latest technologies for the benefit of the company. 

Leaders in this industry must be able to react and find non-standard solutions, always looking to the future.

Why are we the right partner in executive recruitment?

  • We delve into our clients’ goals to find the best and most suitable talent for the organization.
  • We understand the impact of digitization on business.
  • We are able to find the best talents across geographies and organizational cultures.

Our experience

We have gained experience with the recruitment and assessment of key positions for companies such as SIA “Dizozols”, SIA “ZAAO”, SIA “Rīgas meži”, SIA “Getliņi EKO”, SIA “Baltic Wood Trading”, AS “PET Baltija” and other companies in Latvia, Europe and the world! Our consultants are experienced experts in the recruitment, selection and assessment of European development managers, finance managers, company managers, auditors, management board members and chairmen, supervisory board members, procurement managers and other candidates.


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