Worldwide, the number of professional business services companies is growing rapidly both in developed and developing economies. The increasing use of technology promotes a 24/7 approach to customer service and high-quality provision. Organizations in the service sector are facing various challenges, customers are becoming more complex, demanding wider, more diverse services, as well as more effective solutions in cost issues. These changes require companies in the service industry to have a management and organizational culture that can adapt to the next decade.

Why are we the right partner in executive recruitment?

  • We understand the dynamics of the market and have a lot of experience with companies in the service industry all over the world.
  • We are able to find the best talents across geographies and organizational cultures.
  • We have a transparent process in every country in the world where we operate.

Our experience

Our clients come to us for help on how to align people, strategy and company culture. We are more than happy to help our clients navigate these changes, so we provide our perspective on the current affairs of the industry, help to find the most talented stars and promote the adaptation of organizations to the digital era. We have cooperated with SIA “Tet”, SIA “ALSO Latvia”, AS “Fresh Finance”, AAS “BTA Baltic Insurance Company”, AS “mogo”, OU “PlusPlus Baltic”, SIA “Lindstrom”, SIA “Rohe Latvija”, UAB “SDG Grupe”,  other large and medium-sized companies.


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