The pressures of global population growth are creating countless challenges and opportunities for companies working in the construction, infrastructure, energy and natural resources sectors.

Some of them focus more on sustainability and the search for renewable resources, while others focus on infrastructure development strategies, modern technologies, environmental impact and community enrichment. Whatever your strategic priority, ASTRAL consultants are experienced industry experts, who can attract the best managers and leaders to your company!

Our experience

We have gained experience in the construction and infrastructure sector with the recruitment and assessment of the most important positions for companies. Our portfolio includes projects such as company manager, financial director, chairman of the management board, management board members, supervisory board members, technical director, chief accountant, head of the construction department, etc. We have cooperated with SIA “Citrus Solutions”, AS “Conexus Baltic Grid”, AS “RB Rail”, AS “RERE Grupa”, AS “Augstsprieguma tīkls”, AS “MN Holding”, SIA “Velve”, SIA “Dizozols”, other large and medium-sized companies. We cooperate with companies from the entire ecosystem of the infrastructure sector, helping to find the right employees and giving the opportunity to expand the business even faster!


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