As we have already announced, we are one of the sponsors of our national luge sports team for the second year, so we wanted to understand what the executive search and luge sports have in common! From the first point of view, one cannot even imagine that there could be anything in common, since one is a sport and the other is a business function. However, we found several conceptual similarities.

Precision and Strategy:

* Executive Search: Similarly, executive search involves precision in identifying and selecting candidates for high-level positions. Recruiters must strategically assess candidates’ skills and cultural fit to make the best match for an organization.

* Luge Sport: Luge requires precise body movements and strategic decision-making. Athletes need to navigate the course with accuracy and make split-second decisions to optimize their performance. 

Specialized Skill Sets:

* Executive Search: Recruiters in executive search possess specialized skills in talent identification, market analysis, and understanding the unique requirements of leadership roles. They must navigate the landscape of potential candidates with expertise.

* Luge Sport: Luge athletes develop specialized skills, including body control, aerodynamics, and the ability to navigate specific tracks. Mastery of these skills is crucial for success.

Focus on Performance:

* Executive Search: Similarly, executive search professionals are focused on identifying top-performing individuals who can make a significant impact on an organization. They aim to find candidates who can excel in leadership roles.

* Luge Sport: Athletes in luge are focused on achieving the best possible performance during races. Training, preparation, and continuous improvement are essential components of success.

Risk Management:

* Executive Search: Recruiters engage in risk management by thoroughly assessing candidates to ensure they align with the organization’s goals and values. Making informed decisions helps mitigate potential risks associated with hiring.

 * Luge Sport: Luge involves an element of risk, and athletes must manage this risk to avoid accidents. Safety measures and calculated risks are part of the sport.

Although we were able to find commonalities in both areas, they are still two completely different areas. However, we are glad that the head of ASTRAL Executive Search, Iluta Gaile, was able to achieve high-quality results in both areas!

Fingers crossed for ours!